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Creek Side Lady Nevaeh 
born: July 6th, 2023
Dam: Creek Side Lady DeLaney (solid Black)
Sire: Rock Ranch Frankie of Creek Side (Bay Tobiano)
handled and loved on daily, will come with baby appropriate training (haltering, leading, handling of feet).

Color testing has been done:  her color result is  Bay
Will be Registered GVHS
Looking for 5 STAR Show home!

Can travel to new home anytime
Asking: $18,000.00 

Creek Side Lady Nevaeh


Creek Side Gypsy Farm's : RRTF DONOVAN born May 11, 2007 standing 13.3hands SHOW QUALITY GELDING - Donovan was one of our stallions that we decided later in his life to geld and give him a happier fuller life, as one of our geldings. He is built the best and has been started in training. He is easy to handle and is living with other horses in the pasture (mares, geldings and yearlings) and gets along well with all. Please don't let his age cancel new things he can learn, he picked up his training with ease and enjoyed it.

Donovan is a very sharp looking gelding in the pasture and is even more beautiful under saddle. I would love to see this guy in a show ring one day, I think he could really do well.   May have to work towards a show career with him.

He comes from a 2X International Champion Show stallion "Bloc" who is Now Deceased and his dam is the great well known European mare "Liana", whom each comes from well known horses as well.

He will continue Training, then will start having miles put on as a riding gelding.

Registered with GVHS 

Donovan was doing great with his walk and trot under saddle!


I think with continued training, he will be a nice ride for anyone!

Asking: $10,000.00

RRTF Donovan Gelding For Sale
RRTF Donovan
RRTF Donovan

View more of Donovan on our  "Geldings" page

Creek Side Lady Zara




        Dark BAY TOBIANO Filly/Mare

Foaled: May 27th, 2017

Should mature: 14.2 to 15.2 hands

sire: RR Tommy Boy Mack "Mack"

dam: RRTF Lonneke

Etalon Testing:

EE, Tt, Aa, PSSM1 Negative, FIS Negative

I believe she could Excel in Show, Driving or Trail plus be a fabulous Producing mare!



**Her price will reflect her continued training**


                            ****2018 Show Quality**** 
                               Bay Tobiano Gelding

                                   Creek Side Axel
                 Born: June 3rd, 2018 to Mack X Brooklyn
                    Started with age appropriate training



Foaled: May 12th, 2017

Should mature 14.3 to 15.2 hands

Sire: Rocket

Dam: Rosie

Etalon Testing:

Ee, W20/n, Tt, PSSM1 Negative, FIS n/n

Asking:  SOLD

*Price will go up as

his training progresses!

CALIBUR is a very proper built COB and will be registered with TGCA, he can be registered with GHRA also GVHS
**(his parents are registered with GHRA and GVHS)
SOLD - Rosie

Rosie - SOLD

SOLD - Sir Paladin

Sir Paladin - SOLD


       Call To See 
 What we may have Available or comimg up!!!
     763-274-2488           (home phone,Leave Message if no answer)
  BEST to PM me on            Facebook @
    "Pam Barthel"

Creek Side Gypsy Farm - we raise QUALITY not QUANTITY! Contact us to learn more about us and our horses!   Thank you!

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             "SOLD" - Creek Side Titan has been - "SOLD" 
       Titan is a show WINNER watch him as he                       matures and continues to wow the showring! 

Show Winner

Show Winner

























*Titan at his debut riding show, took 2nd out of 5 horses in class

Creek Side Titan :  " GELDING" - SOLD**Pintaloosa  colored/patterned Gypsy **        

    Sire: Rock Ranch Tommy Boy Mack                     

    Dam: RRTF Hershey Kisses

    DOB: 05/18/2013                               color results: nT, Ee, aa, Lp/n, PSSM1 n/n (CLEAR)


  Titan is a sharp looking gelding, willing to do anything.  Always ready for some loving.

    Leads, ties, loads, stands for vet, farrier and bathing, loves to be groomed and made over. 

                  " Fantastic Show Prospect " --- UPDATE: ****HE'S A RIBBON WINNER*****

 He is TRULY a RARE Gem, take a look at him, he'll Dazzle you. Titan's color has started

  to change, see photo of his changes above (middle photo top of this section, showing chest area)

and photo from show at right from February and  at left from 07-10-2016.

Titan has bone, build, presence, beauty and breeding to make him a great Using, Show and Driving

   Gelding, check him out. We pride ourselves on breeding horses of superb quality that you can take

into the show ring and bring home the ribbons.

  (Been broke to drive, has pulled a cart, and working under saddle, doing very well with both)

                   7-09-2016 attended his first WSCA Open show under saddle (Walk/Trot)

                                       took 2nd out of 5 horses, 3 were of other breeds.

                       **View video's of Titan on see his early driving training**

  Titan to date is a MULTI ribbon winning gelding, in driving, English and Western, we are SO PROUD of him!!!!!!!

Thank you to Titan's owner, Melissa, for all her love for Titan!!                                                                                                 






























**The above photo's were taken in February while showing at "Titan's Debut Halter Show", GHRA Supreme Gypsy Horse Show & Challenge**

                                     bringing home several ribbons from 2nd to 5th placings, not bad for his 1st show ever!!!



































     The above 2 and below 2 photo's, were taken 7-10-2016, of Titan is in his Summer coat, not shaven and displaying his natural coloring beautifully!


  **Contact us about further info on ANY of our horses that pique your interest whether for sales or for breeding information



                                        or PM on Facebook at Pam Barthel


                                                                             Call: 763-274-2488 (home)

                                                **please leave us a message if phone not answered**











at Tunica, MS, debut halter show, February 2016

This boy is very special to me!

Proof to what his daddy is producing!

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